We create delicious and natural recipes using natural ingredients that help cats & dogs live well and happy.


Fresh & Natural

All our recipes are made with fresh meat or fish as the primary ingredient. Our products are free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. We only use free run chicken, duck and poultry and GMO free ingredients.
Our Natural wet range is prepared with 100% human grade ingredients and is carrageenan free.

Fresh meat

Fresh meat or fish is a great source of animal-based protein that enhance the flavor of every recipe, help nourish and repair muscles and tissues, and reduce carbohydrates level when adequately combined with dehydrated meat. Fresh meat used to make our kibbles is never frozen or pre-processed (fresh, not freshly prepared) and our chickens, ducks and turkeys are all free run.

High animal based protein

As carnivores, dogs and cats require diets rich in protein and amino acids that they can only get from real meat or fish — something that plant-based protein alone doesn’t provide. Our recipes contain high meat percentage and low carbohydrate levels (as low as 18% based on NFE).


Healthy herbs & superfood

Healthy herbs and superfood stimulate our pets as in natural environment. They also bring vitamins, antioxidants and prebiotics to help improve their immune system, vitality and well-being. Our recipes are filled with cranberries, bluberries, spirulina, rosemary, curcuma, clove leaf, fenugreek, lucerne, rosehip, marigold, parsley and peppermint.


Grain Free

Our grain-free formulas help reduce exposure to common allergens — making them ideal for pets with sensitivities — and contain more animal-based protein and fats with lower levels of carbs than their grain-based counterparts. Our grain free formulas contain NO corn, soy, rice, wheat or gluten-containing ingredients.

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